Best practices support supervisors in operational development

Turning employee survey results into development projects can be a challenging task, because the results can be interpreted differently in different situations and contexts. Supporting supervisors at different organisational levels is often a key success factor for development projects. Best practices offer concrete ideas and practices to support supervisors in their work and in the processing of survey results to develop the company’s business.

To facilitate supervisors’ work, Corporate Spirit has collected methodology data based on its extensive practical survey and consulting experience to its new Best Practices Library. The purpose of the Library is to help individual supervisors find survey result interpretation practices that best suit their situation and leadership style.

Best practices library gives the supervisor an opportunity to review different approaches to a certain survey question instead of steering towards rigid patterns.

Since all organisations and situations are unique, supervisors have individual leadership styles and employees have different expectations, it is impossible to offer pre-designed generic solutions. The library gives the supervisor an opportunity to review different approaches to a certain survey question instead of steering towards rigid patterns.

“Best Practices is a collection of tips and instructions for resolving even very challenging situations. Our experience has shown that companies are ready and open to process even critical survey results from different perspectives. A learning organisation can often implement the required changes effectively by sharing expertise and experience,” says Kenneth Söderholm, Head of Consulting at Corporate Spirit.


Creating dialogue within units is now easier

Creating a well-functioning dialogue between the supervisor and employees is one of the most essential principles behind the Best Practices. This makes it easier to form a comprehensive overall impression of the situation and find solutions that serve the interests of different parties, and it also reinforces employees’ willingness to assume responsibility for implementing these solutions.

“The Best Practices Library helps supervisors interpret and understand survey results more openly. A dialogue on the survey results between the supervisor and employees is a foundation for developing joint activities. It also makes it easier to clearly connect the units’ development measures to the company’s overall strategic targets,” says Pirkko Kapri, Director of Corporate Spirit’s Research Unit.

Benefits for the organisation and supervisors

The Best Practices Library’s benefits for the organisation and individual supervisors include the following:

  • A wide range of thoughts, approaches and methods, as well as options for all sub-questions
  • Practices are easily found in the same survey system, which is also used for reporting the survey results
  • Every supervisor with read rights to the report can use the library independently
  • The library enables all supervisors to make better, more effective development solutions, regardless of their unit’s survey results
  • Supervisors need less external support, and the support can be more effectively focused on those facing the most challenging situations


Instructions support supervisors and encourage them to adopt a collaborative management style that includes assigning responsibility to employees.

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