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In today’s environment of complexity, challenge and competition, it’s only the consistent, focused and efficient organisations that can survive. Ensuring that the activities of everyone in the organisation are properly connected to the needs of the business is an important ingredient of success.

Dr Richard Plenty has over 25 years of experience in examining the relationship between business planning and organisational performance. According to him the ability to connect HR to overall business strategy is in fact the key to both business success and successful people engagement. By adopting a systematic annual process, the link between what people do and what the overall business needs remains clear at all times.

“Business strategy is ultimately implemented through the efforts and knowhow of employees. An effective process ensures there is a clear ‘line of sight’ between what the business is trying to do and individual objectives”, Richard Plenty emphasises.

A learning organisation

When the process is carried out on a regular, systematic basis, it creates the ideal environment for a learning organisation. Expectations are set and met, habits are formed, good performance recognized and rewarded. It’s about aligning employees so that they’re going to the same direction.

An annual business planning cycle helps improve motivation and engagement as employees realise how they are able to contribute to the organisation’s goals. At the same time, development programmes can be efficiently aligned, creating opportunities for both sales increase and cost reduction. Any organisation that introduces such an annual performance management process in a systematic way is likely to see improvements in both productivity and profitability.

Implementing the strategy

As every employee is aware of both personal and organisational goals – as well as of the available means to achieve them – strategy can be efficiently executed. To ensure that everyone is pulling to the same direction, regular monitoring is required. This takes place in the context of overall business performance evaluation.

As every employee is aware of both personal and organisational goals strategy can be efficiently executed.

Richard Plenty points out that successful performance evaluation depends on encouraging good dialogue between employees and their supervisors at all levels of the organisation. “Having meaningful and relevant targets in place helps these performance conversations to be more objective and useful as part of an effective performance management system.”


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Richard Plenty

Dr Richard Plenty is Managing Director of This Is… Ltd. He is an experienced international organisation development consultant, human resources leader and business psychologist. In cooperation with This Is… Ltd, Corporate Spirit produces employee surveys tailored for airports according to the AirPeopleTM concept. 

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