A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer or mobile device. The cookie stores data on your usage patterns on the website, and of the selections you make (such as the personal details you enter in an online form).

Only the specific website that saved the cookie can read it, so nobody else can access the information you provided. The text file is not harmful to your device – it cannot contain a virus or programme code.


What are the cookies for?

Cookies provide us essential information on how our website is used. With this information, we will be able to provide a more pleasing user experience and to make continual improvements to our website and service.

Cookies are used for instance when the user fills in a contact form. They also make it possible to collect highly necessary statistics on who is using each particular part of our website, and in what ways.

The information collected by cookies is always used confidentially by us, and will never be disclosed to third parties. The information can be used to improve our services and products. We will not save personal or identifiable information concerning your movements on our website, and we will never combine such information with your customer profile.


Accepting the use of cookies at 

By using this website you give us permission to:

  • collect information on your use of the website, such as the number of visits and parts of the website visited;
  • save information of the browser and device on which you used our website; and
  • target the contents of the website based on information collected during previous visits.

Cookies can also be used to produce targeted advertising relating to our products and services on other websites, based on the user’s interests.

Some cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.


The links below provide further information on the type of data we collect, the purpose for which we use the collected data as well as the way we process and store the data.

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