10 April 2018


Data protection description


1. Controller

Corporate Spirit Ltd (FI19908705)
Läntinen Pitkäkatu 21-23 C
FI-20100 Turku, Finland

Contact person for register queries:

Susanna Itähaarla
Marketing Coordinator


2. Name of the register

Corporate Spirit’s customer and marketing register


3. Purpose of processing the personal data


Registered persons

Purpose for registering
Basis for data management

Customers (Contact persons)

Managing and developing the customer relationship

Controller’s legitimate interest

Potential customers and website users Corporate Spirit’s and its partners’ marketing

Controller’s legitimate interest


4. Register’s data content

The register may contain the following information about the registered persons:

First name and last name
Email address
Telephone number
Refusal of direct marketing
Classifications related to Corporate Spirit’s customer segmentation
The working history of the registered person
Corporate Spirit’s contacts with the registered person
Organisation and position
Organisation’s address
Organisation’s field of business
Organisation’s size and revenue / revenue category
Organisation’s contact information
Other classification data describing the organisation’s business that is used for targeted marketing.


5. Sources of information

Personal data is collected from the data subject him/herself, Corporate Spirit’s partners’ registers and parties offering services related to personal data. In addition, the personal data may be collected via marketing activities such as lotteries, contests and events.


6. Disclosure of transfer of personal data

Data will not be disclosed to parties other than those participating in the production, development, or maintenance of services or communications of Corporate Spirit or on its behalf, except when based on an agreement, separate consent, and/or explicit regulations.

Data will not be disclosed outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, unless it is necessary for data registering or technically managing the data. In these cases, data disclosure will take place in accordance with the data protection legislation and the restrictions set therein.


7. Principles for data protection

The data can only be accessed by Corporate Spirit’s employees or co-operation partners specifically entitled to do so. There are different levels of access rights, and each user is issued sufficient rights, though as limited as possible, to complete their work tasks.


8. Rights of the data subject regarding the processing of personal data

The registered person has the following rights, exercising of which, the data subject should contact: info@corporatespirit.fi

Inspection right

You are entitled to inspect Corporate Spirit’s customer register with respect to the stored data concerning you. In case you consider the data is incorrect or insufficient, you may ask us to correct or complete the data.

Right to prohibit direct marketing

You are entitled at any time to prohibit direct marketing from us. We will never sell or disclose your personal data to other parties, in order for them to target direct marketing for you.

We purchase online marketing from e.g. Facebook and Google. These companies will never receive your personal data and this type of marketing is not considered direct marketing as it is based on Cookies. Read more about Cookies.

Right to demand erasing of data

In case you consider that some of the data considering you is not necessary for our purposes, you are entitled to ask us to remove the data. We will process your request and erase data that is incorrect, unnecessary, inadequate or outdated in respect to managing the data.

Right to make a complaint to the supervising authorities

You are entitled to make a complaint to the data protection supervisory authority if the controller in its operations has not followed the applicable data protection regulations. (Contacts for making a complaint here)