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Management involvement and initiative are keys in turning results into action

At Lassila & Tikanoja, workforce management and leadership development are two of the company’s five ongoing strategic programmes. Creating a uniform company culture and ensuring efficient implementation of employee surveys may sound difficult to achieve, but according to Human Resources Director Kirsi Matero, even this challenge can be turned into an opportunity to further strengthen employee engagement. In a service organisation such as L&T, this is directly connected to customer experience and business efficiency.

“While our employees largely work at customers’ premises, also the distance between employees and their superiors can be remarkably long. Many employees do not have access to email or intranet, and not everyone has a work phone. It is evident that the ambitious strategy needs to be implemented under demanding conditions, and some special measures are necessary.”

The first and foremost task in ensuring efficient execution of development plans was to ensure that company management pays sufficient attention and interest. Kirsi Matero emphasizes the fact that at L&T the survey, as well as the results and action plans were immediately recognised.

“The company management are aware of the fact that in a business such as ours, personnel is by far the most important profit factor. Thus, everything needs to be done to ensure their engagement and motivation. Realizing this at all organisational levels has really contributed to our success.”

A key aspect to making the results work for the benefit of the company was that unit managers were briefed and trained to handle and manage the development in their respective units.

Another key to making the results work for the benefit of the company was the fact that unit managers were briefed and trained by headquarters to handle and manage the development in their respective units. While requiring certain kind of initiative, Kirsi Matero points out that this was one of the cornerstones in making it all happen.

“We wanted the message to go out in a uniform way to every unit – thus, unit managers were given communication packages with tools to explain survey results and instruct their respective superiors. Every unit documented their own development plans, which are now being executed and monitored.”

The results have been encouraging. The response rate has increased along with employees’ satisfaction with their job. An almost surprising 80 per cent would recommend L&T as a workplace to others. Along with her own organisation, Kirsi Matero acknowledges the team at Corporate Spirit that participated in interpreting the results and training the unit managers. The next survey is already scheduled to keep the positive development on right track.


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Lassila & Tikanoja is a service company that is transforming the consumer society into an efficient recycling society by reducing waste volumes, extending the useful lives of properties, recovering materials and decreasing the use of raw materials and energy. With operations in Finland, Sweden and Russia, L&T employs 8,700 persons. Net sales in 2017 amounted to EUR 712.1 million. L&T is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.