Get change under control together with the personnel

Less than one half of organisations’ change projects succeed as desired.

Change management is the entire organisation’s joint process that starts from identifying the objectives of the change. Reducing the objectives into a measurable format compels clarifying them and makes it easier to communicate them within the organisation.

High-quality situation analysis of change facilitates the appropriate allocation of development measures and engages the entire organisation in the change from day one. Corporate Spirit’s change indicator makes both the flow and direction of the change visible throughout the organisation.

Measuring change:

  • Provides a realistic view of the preconditions and starting points of the change
  • Engages the personnel in the change by obtaining diverse views and opinions
  • Focuses the attention on what is key to the progress of the change
  • Accelerates the change and makes the benefits pursued through it available sooner
  • Saves significant amounts of time, energy and costs.

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