Finland’s Most Inspiring Workplaces

At Finland’s most inspiring workplaces, people can and want to do their best.

Tens of thousands of employees respond to Corporate Spirit’s employee surveys in Finland each year. The results of the organisations involved have been compared to Finnish working life data comprised of responses given by almost 400,000 Finnish employees working in hundreds of organisations. The data is obtained from employee surveys conducted by Corporate Spirit.

We annually grant Finland’s Most Inspiring Workplaces awards to our customer organisations with excellent results in the employee survey. We conduct all the surveys according to the international ISO 20252:2012 quality standard.

The companies with the best results (AA, AA+ and AAA) are recognised at the Finland’s Most Inspiring Workplaces event in February each year. In addition, the Biggest Improver award is granted each year to the organisation that saw the biggest improvement in the employee survey result compared to the previous year by developing its operations together with the personnel. There is a separate award for small organisations.

The rewarded companies can now celebrate their excellence also publicly and communicate the matter to their stakeholders.

Why does it pay to be an inspiring workplace?

  • To the company’s personnel, the recognition indicates that the company has succeeded in developing its operations together with its personnel.
  • To customers and other stakeholders, the recognition is proof of a reputable and well-known company.
  • To new job applicants and other key stakeholders, a positive employer image experienced by the company’s personnel is an impressive message of a job that is inspiring and worth pursuing.