Onboarding survey

A positive Onboarding, or new recruit, experience improves the organisation’s employer image. An onboarding survey ensures new employees’ engagement, productivity and commitment to the working community.

Onboarding refers to the process during which new employees adopt the necessary knowledge, skills and behavioural models to become productive members of the working community. The purpose of the onboarding process is to ensure that new employees will succeed in their work as quickly as possible.

Corporate Spirit’s Onboarding survey monitors the progress and effectiveness of orientation and locates bottlenecks through several measurements as the process progresses.

Exit survey

A well-managed Exit process reduces turnover and protects business.

Each year, almost 25% of those of working age undergo some sort of career shift. Clear ways of working during the Exit process ensure the protection of business and the organisation’s assets and help the employee to leave the organisation with dignity. The exit phase is also an excellent opportunity to obtain feedback on working in the organisation.

Corporate Spirit’s Exit survey provides organisations with valuable information about the changes that need to be made to ensure the retention of talent. When leaving, the employee is in a situation where the normal obstacles to openly report their opinions and emotions are not there, and in this case, especially with regard to them leaving.